I use OpenSource 'Cura' and 'Matter Control' as my model Slicers from right  inside of Fusion 360 or ArtCam.

  •  Create a prototype for investors.
  • 3D printed tools.
  • Negative and positive 3D prints for Molds.
  • A 3d printed model of a pet, friend or loved one.
  • CAD  scaled minature or 
      models for: architects  and developers.
Right Now I am 3D printing with a
Taz 5 3d printer
 equipped with 
  •  300 mm x 300 mm heated bed.
  • Single Extruder.
  • Dual Extruder.
  • Flexible Extruder.
All hotends reach 300 Celsius.
  •  75 micron print quality.​

Large Format Printing
        with the
Cannon 6400SE

Printer Type
6-Color 24-inch Printer
Number of Nozzles
Total: 15, 360
C, M, Y, BK, MBK,
R: 2,560 nozzles each
Nozzle Pitch
1,200 dpi x 2
Non-firing nozzle detection and compensation

  • Print Resolution (Up to)
    2,400 x 1,200 dpi (Max)​​

Understanding the Design
and Production process is important.
Design/Modeli​ng applications are at the origin of an accurate Graphic, Print, Sign, Tool Path or Plot.

 ArtCAM, Fusion 360, Blender and a few other​ great applications are now my main go-to programs.


This machining process can use many materials on different axis.

Machine Engravable/cuttable space is 
  787.4mm x 787.4mm
or 31 x 31 in.

Machine Can use over sized stock (x axis or the length of the material).

0.001 accuracy​
Vinyl Cutting

​capable of a max cut of
28 x 360 inches or
2.25 x 30 feet.

With variable speed and cutting force, Well suited for cutting a variety of material including
  • adhesive vinyl,
window film 
  • Transparent and Translucent vinyls,
  • sandblast stencil, mask material
and much more.